Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Bit of this, bit of that

Apparently another month has passed since I last posted a blog update. Time flies. How it can fly by with me achieving so little... I don't really know. I guess I have just been generally unproductive.

So what have I achieved?

Just in the last few days I have actually finished painting a few models. These are Warrior Priests produced by MOM Miniatures. Models I acquired to help plug one of the gaps in my Empire army - a bit of a lack of Sigmar-centric faith. This all stems from how the army evolved over time. Originally it was going to be a Dogs of War army, and then it was going to be an Ulric-themed force. It eventually outgrew that, however. So these guys help balance the Warrior Priest side of things for the overall force.
3 painted Warrior Priests. As usual these days, there are things that I can see that could have been done better, or could use extra attention. Unlikely to happen, really. They look done enough.
These are really nice models, and a very affordable way to help with the fact that I basically don't own any "proper" GW Warrior Priests.

Honestly, it took me poking at these models for about a month to actually get them painted. Only a few sessions, but a lack of application and long gaps in between. The last thing I had painted before them was these guys. They actually happened months ago, but never made it onto the blog. It's actually useful for me to track things here, so I really should make sure I include them. I've found a few times recently that if I feel I should be painting something but have no real motivation, my comfortable default is to pick up something for the Empire. Maybe I've just spent so long painting Empire models that anything else feels harder...
A few very basically painted war machine crew. I now notice they haven't even scored grass on their bases, poor guys. Might just about manage to make myself fix that.
The extra crewmen were painted at the same time as a couple more war machines. The general theory is that I don't need an exact pairing of machines and crew. The more crew and more machines there are, the easier it is to find the combination I need for a particular army.
The gradually growing pile of Empire war machines. Yes, I have more waiting in the wings. And a lot being lugged about by similarly themed Ogres, too...
So... what else? After my game against Tim, I was all motivated to assemble some of the more modern Wood Elf models I've been sitting on for a couple of years. I did get some of them assembled (5 Wild Riders and 10 Wildwood Rangers), but the rest continue to languish either partly assembled, or still in their boxes.
This is what good intentions look like. 30 Wildwood Rangers and 15 Wild Riders. Well, I got about 40% there...
That's about it in terms of tabletop gaming. I did actually play another Warhammer game against Nick and took photos, but I've not got around to doing anything with the photos yet.

I have also started experimenting with streaming video gaming on Twitch, just to see what is involved. Thus far it was just games of Mechwarrior Online, but at some point I might branch out into some stuff more relevant to this blog - Total War: Warhammer or maybe Vermintide.


  1. Only one volley gun? You lack dedication sir!

    1. Well when I've needed more I've used the one carried by an Ogre. But you're right, I should probably paint some of the others.

  2. Your models look outstanding you are a very gifted painter!

  3. You not playing KoW anymore? Pity

  4. The painting Mojo comes and goes, you're still way more productive than I am. Thanks for pointing out MOM miniatures. I had never heard of them before. These look like some excellent Mordheim proxies. Paint when you can, any progress is still progress.

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